Who said vanity is a woman’s thing?

Yes, women can be vain, nothing new about that. But what is changing in society is that contemporary men have been gaining ground and becoming more and more popular. And vain. Nowadays it’s very common to see men in salons, caring for their nails, hair and body just as much as women do. These men want to dress better, follow the latest fashion trends and undergo the same beauty treatments. Waxing and liposuction are no longer exclusively for women.

 Man Having Massage

The man of the new century wants to be in evidence and experience the same feelings that women experience. The fashion industry is eyeing this new consumer, that is increasingly demanding and knowledgeable, and most reputable brands already have lines targeted for them.

Women enjoy men full of style, well dressed and fragrant. Nobody can confirm this more than Victoria Beckham, wife of one of the most vain men of the world, soccer player David Beckham.

David Beckham

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