Iconic Witches of Pop Culture – Be your most wicked for Halloween

Halloween has become a sort of makeup celebration for the past years with beauty bloggers, youtube gurus and the like, celebrities also give their all to impress the internet like Paris Hilton dressed as Miley Cyrus during the VMAs. MAC Cosmetics also launched a makeup collection specific for Halloween with celebrity makeup artist Rick Baker’s seal of approval with chroma cakes and other items that are usually reserved for special effects and other occasions.
Well, here we believe that just because it’s spooky doesn’t mean it can be glamorous. And who is more glamorous than a witch? Long gone are the days that witches were hags with protruding chins, pointy noses, moles and warts, today’s witches are smouldering hot.
First, the Evil Queen from Snow White, bring out your inner Dietrich and set your eyes on fire with purple eyeshadow and lacquered red lips, the regal gown would make anyone and everyone bow down before your beauty with no one to contest who would be the fairest of them all.
And might I add the fabulous Endora from the sixties Bewitched, revive blue eyeshadow, white rimmed eyes, bold in your face lips and a beehive that would have you sprouting incantations on demand and the use of airy fabrics and primary colours.
If you’re a gal that loves the black dress then Morticia Addams is your choice, a dark black as night eyeshadow with silver eyelid and red lipstick alongside a  form fitting dressing with red long nails, just make sure to bring along “Thing” in case you just need anything.
'The Addams Family'
Ursula, the sea witch you’ll make you them shiver with fear, she understands  the power of body language, with a look inspired by the infamous Divine and a fabulous idea for styling short hair.
Last, but definitely not least is the Wicked Witch of the West, popular by Broadway’s Wicked and a good use for a MAC chromacake, you’ll see that it’s not easy being green.

We chose witches because not only are they incredibly fun to portray, they are also a symbol of feminine empowerment and paraphrasing “Hell hath no fury, like a witch scorned”.

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