Exfoliating, the easy way

exfo02Exfoliation is sometimes like a Tina Turner song, nice and rough! However some of us have less than amicable skins to bear those painful granules.
Oh and don’t think we didn’t try it al, we did, we did it in slow circular motions avoiding any areas with blemishes, we washed thoroughly to make sure that none of the product remained on our skin but the morning after was always dawned with a breakout.
Surely, we thought, it must be the product it is either too harsh or the texture too rough or on sensitive skin, so we switched to another and another and another and nothing worked, all of our friends praised the glorious feeling of scintilating skin and we said “I always break out!”, only to be followed by loads of the afore mentioned recommendations on how to properly exfoliate our skin.
Meanwhile, no one told us that maybe, just maybe, our skin is reactive when it comes to “physical exfoliation”, i.e. the acting of cleaning the skin and its pores through motion using the texture of the granules or beads to move impurities for the outer layer of the skin and maybe, just maybe, we weren’t cut out for this kind of product.
If this sounds familiar to you well congratulations your skin has far too high standards for one of the most commonly used cleansing products. But does it mean you can never exfoliate? No, not at all, we have been given the solution for this skin regime step that suits our skin and that is doing it chemically, not as peel per se but rather a gel with a percentage of glycolic acid that exfoliates the outer layer of the skin without the unfortunate side events.
exfo04After a lot of trial and error, we’ve found that Neostrata’s Gel Plus with 15% Glycolic acid works wonders, using it in three day intervals leaves our skin smooth with a healthy glow and gets rid of impurities that could lead to blackheads and pimples.

Simply apply it on cleansed face, avoiding the eye area and don’t overapply if per chance you get very excited about the results, less is more and over-exfoliation will result in skin irritation or worse, also be sure to test the product if you are sensitive to AHA based formulas.

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