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My name is Frankee. I’m a 28 year old dreamer. I live in Amsterdam and enjoy life through the fullest. I write, I enjoy romance, I love fashion, I love my friends, enjoy going out, I love cocktails and shop till my bank account reaches zero. In other words; the Carrie Bradshaw of this generation is not a woman in her early thirties, it’s a gay guy who is trying just as hard to find the perfect man, the perfect sex and the perfect cocktail.

I will describe every aspect of my life. My friends, my life as a single guy, my passion for music and fashion. The only thing I miss is writing about subjects that are a little more cheeky, a little bit more adult and in some cases a bit more rated R.

I will write about issues that a lot of people can relate to. And if I can make people forget about their own sorrows for just a minute and make them happy with stories of mine then my goal in life is complete.

Every girl needs a gay best friend. Let me be the one for your readers.


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