Taking the day off

As much as we adore putting on makeup, we know eventually makeup comes off and don’t gives us the whole “Oh, sometimes I’m so tired I just crash and fall asleep.”, it’s not good for your skin or your eyes for that matter, so even though we adore being glamorous here are our favourites to taking it all off in all sorts of textures to suit whatever lifestyle you have.
Makeup Removing Wipes – MAC wipes are a tried true stape in our staple, while we don’t recommend them for everyday use because they might not remove more water resistant or water removing products, it’s better to use them than to skip it and go to bed with  a full face of makeup. It’s also extremely convenient if you’re travelling.



Gel – Lierac Démaquillant Pureté removes every trace of makeup of makeup without the somewhat harsh feel of most liquid soap products that leave your skin tugging like crazy. If you like soap and prefer a soap formulation, then your search is over.


Foam – Filorga Foam Cleanser, not as intense as a gel cleanser, this Filorga foam thoroughly cleanses your skin, eliminating every residue of makeup and your skin if left soft and supple, Filorga’s motto of having dermocosmetic products for use at home has hyaluronic acid, antixodants and other goodies that take care of your skin and prep it for the remaining steps of your regimen.

cleanser04Oil – Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, there’s not much we can say about this staple of the beauty industry, if you’re still skeptical about using oil products, well just stop worrying about it. An oil based cleanser will break down all your makeup and you’ve rinsed the product off your face is left squeaky clean.

Micellar Water – Bioderma Sensibio H20 – Another beauty industry staple, the Bioderma micellar water gently removes your makeup and is approved (and appreciated) by everyone with sensitive skin.


Balm – Eve Lom – A multi-award winning product, this balm is described by Vogue as the best cleanser in the world, while we’re not sure about that (we’re always expecting the next best thing) it is an incredible product that softly conditions your skin while removing daily impurities, it almost feels as if you have a spa in your very own bathroom


So take a shopping trip and look at these cleansing options, let us know what’s your favourite!

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