The year 2013 is coming to the end and we are all already setting goals for the new year.

For some people the choice of the color of clothes for Réveillon’s clothes color is fundamental, because it symbolizes the expectations for next year and the color should match what is expected.

Use white or new clothing is traditional in many countries around the world, because white symbolizes peace and harmony but nowadays people expect much more than peace.

Choose the right color that matches your desire and put all your positive energy so that 2014 be better than the year that gone.

White: Peace and harmony.

Yellow: Money, wealth and wisdom.

Pink: Happiness in love and affection.

Red: Passion.

Blue: Tranquility, harmony and health.

Green: Hope, luck and balance.

Orange: Energy.

Violet: Inspiration, innovation, freedom and a fresh start.

Happy New Year and Success!

red for 2014 Green for 2014

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