Gia Marie Carangi had so short and glamorous career and an unhappy ending that seems more a  screens of  fiction movie.

Gia Carangi 1In 1979 at 16 years the cashier of snack bar from Philadelphia went  to New York  venturing into a modeling career, and she was right, the race to the top was fast and in less than a year her naked beauty(Gia was one of the few models that were considered perfect skin that rarely needed make-up) gained the covers of major fashion magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Her career lasted only four years, time enough to represent the biggest names in the fashion world as Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Levi’s, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent. In April 1979 Gia exploded when was  covergirl of Vogue Paris and also when she met Cindy Linter,  with who she had the most famous and controversial case of love on the scenes of the fashion world.

More than twenty years ago the beautiful Gia dressed like a man to highlight the lesbianism but underneath all that masculine profile lurked the most feminine and beautiful body of her generation.

In the late 70’s Gia was the first model to assume her homosexuality, but she confessed in her diary that her life could have been different if she liked men. Many people who passed for her life describe Gia as the most beautiful and cool person of that time.

Gia Carangi 7

The use of drugs cost the career, money and most valuable thing she owned, her life, the beautiful model contracted the HIV virus. By 1984 she had to prostitute and  declare herself indigent to be able to treat her sickness in the public health system. After a career of success and degradation, Gia is today more known for the use of heroin, for her troubled life and for dying of HIV than for her amazing work as model.

Gia Carangi 13

 Gia Carangi died on November 18, 1986 at age 26, the most disputed model died alone, no one of the fashion world attended her funeral!

Currently we can find her biography in a touching movie.

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