Prepare Yourself: These Are the Most Amazing Dog Costumes EVER

People totally fall on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to clothing for dogs. I don’t own a stitch for my pup, but I melt over pictures. Most recently, I was all over these Halloween canine costumes (that GIF of the pug as a piglet!) and the rescue pit bulls who got to shine in a photo shoot with floral wreath crowns. Now, designer Anthony Rubio has crossed my radar, and I’ve gotta tell you guys: He’s designed some of the most impressive dog clothing I’ve ever seen.

(This is him with a very dapper friend.)

He had a fashion show over the weekend to show off his most recent creations, but I was so intrigued I dug back into his archives to find some of the most amazing dog work I’ve ever seen. Naturally, I had to share.






And here’s the very chic little navy lace jacket he sent down the runway this weekend.


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