FRENDS x DE GALLUCHAT headphones for THE CODE 20 on the occasion of GP Formula 1 in Sochi


When it comes to Lifestyle’s cool news and new items we love to show you the chic/coolest things on the market. And what we are going to show you it is definitely worthed. We quote a statement on their website whom we feel totally in sync with.

There are Moments which mark our life. Moments when you relise nothing will ever be the same. We do not remember those days, we remember the moments.

The campaign tells the story about sharing treasured moments. You capture the moment – a special time. Treasured moments often came announced De Galluchat, specialized in shagreen leather creations to design exclusive gift collection on the occasion of Grand Prix Formula 1 in Sochi and Abu Dhabi. De Galluchat teamed up with FRENDS to create the limited edition headphones, exclusively for THE CODE 20.

De Galluchat offers primarily one of the kind pieces, which carry a natural uniqueness of stingray leather, unparalleled craftsmanship and unaffected design. The French brand has become known for its balanced use of tradition and contemporary design to achieve timeless and lavish modern collectible pieces of jewellery and accessories.

FRENDS are reputable for their functionality and their distinguished beauty. Founded in 2006 by a group of creatives, musicians, athletes and artists, Frends is a collective that believes in challenging the relationship between sound and style. Frends handcrafted and lambskin leather headphones are tuned for optimal clarity. Every detail of these luxurious pieces have been carefully considered from the fabric-covered cord to the memory foam ear cushions. Their design and making techniques are jewellery inspired, while the materials used are common to luxury goods, such as rose gold, gold and silver.

For the first time, Frends and De Galluchat are pleased to announce the presentation of The Code 20 limited edition collection, an innovative line of gold headphones covered with
De Galluchat black shagreen, which seamlessly fuses timeless design, style and craftsmanship with premium sound.

FRENDS x DE GALLUCHAT for THE CODE 20 limited edition headphones can be found at the upcoming exclusive THE CODE 20 F1 parties in Sochi and Abu Dhabi. Each product is made to order in Amsterdam, while the price ranges from $500- $850 per pair.

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