Patrizia Sartorio Emerging Designer During Last Milano Fashion Week

During Last  Milano Fashion Week from 18 to 20 september in Milano, Amsterdam Fashion Tv showed in a tableau vivant the creations of the designer Patrizia Sartotio at 5 VIE in BECCARIA. 

Since childhood she made sketches of dresses for her and her family that were produced ​​by some shops. The passion has taken depth over time and has resulted in garments made by skilled craftsmen. She like to research fabrics that draws her creations by assembling and cutting of upholstery fabrics and thirst, faux sheepskin and leather. Her  slow and elaborate reflection led her to love this job with passion; is essential to transmit the messages for which we have a certain value. She love fabrics, she love innovation, she love the combinations of different materials. She look for styles more appropriate to her needs with a work of imagination and inspiration she derived from tissues that riding, their fluidity, the colors that berth, sometimes even in a strong way. The leaders therefore are unique, original, absolutely innovative. They do not cover the body but they shape it with all its forms. Every woman has to have her style, her way of being nice; that’s why the exclusive garment.

Elegance that translates into a refined style and essential but elegant at the same time.

This is how Patrizia Sartorio like to describe her passion for the Couture

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