Let’s Play a Game: What If Kate Middleton Took Maternity Style Inspiration From These Sexy Mamas?

We can all agree that Kate Middleton’s maternity style has taken a decidedly sexier turn (and TWICE!), right?

This distinguished gentleman thinks so.

Well, I’m loving her saucy mommy-to-be style this time around. (Not that I have any complaints about her perfectly refined outfits with little Prince George, mind you.) But it’s refreshing to see the Duchess stepping out of her comfort zone and taking more sartorial risks. So while I’m on vigilant bump watch, my imagination is practically exploding with the possibilities of more adventurous maternity style. Perhaps Kate could take a few cues from these sultry mamas below. Maybe?

I have to say, Blake Lively wearing this low-cut and skintight pale yellow Gucci gown is pretty much the hottest mommy-to-be look I’ve ever seen. Although, the likelihood of Kate co-opting this sort of ensemble is probably next to zero (or just zero).

At this year’s SAG Awards, Kerry Washington took maternity dressing to a new level with an embellished crop top and ball gown set by Prada. Kate in a crop top? Well, we did see her midriff that one time, but only because she was showing off her basketball moves.

At the Golden Globes, Olivia Wilde basically overshadowed everyone on the red carpet in this shimmery bombshell gown by Gucci. It’s glam. It’s covered up. Kate could totally do this. (And Gucci should really think about starting a maternity line.)

Or maybe the Duchess could dive out of her comfort zone and try a sleek pantsuit. With a sheer top, Kim Kardashian style.

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