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As Lagos Fashion and Design Week drew to a close, we asked whether the lingering stigma of an Ebola outbreak and on-going security woes would impact Nigeria’s fast-growing fashion market. The short answer is no.

In Dubai, the world second most popular place to go shopping (after only London ahead of New York and Paris) we sat down with Mohamed Alabbar, architect of the emirate’s retailing success, to find out if the city, famed for its elaborate retail spaces, has the potential to become the world’s largest consumer fashion hub.

Also in Dubai is the Armani Hotel, an elaborate stage set for Armani’sluxury homeware as well as a sky-scraping brand beacon, as Mr Armani himself revealed. But Armani is not alone. Brands from Versace to Fendiare also tapping the $60 billion luxury home and furniture market, as Robin Mellery-Pratt discovered in ‘The House That Fashion Built.’

Kering was in AMSFTV’s line of sight this week, as we examined the company’s strategic decision to bring its eyewear business in-house. We also hit the beach to meet the new crop of indie surfwear labels, such as Saturdays and Cuisse de Grenouille, rising from the rubble of the ‘big three’ surf labels — RipCurl, Billabong and Quiksilver — which face shrinking sales and mounting debts.

Please enjoy our top stories for the week gone by:

Can Post-Crisis Dubai Become the World’s Largest Consumer Fashion Hub?
After London, Dubai is the second most popular place in the world to shop for fashion and luxury goods. Can it become number one?

The House That Fashion Built
Some of the world’s largest fashion brands are creating branded hotels and private residences as well as the homewares to fill them, tapping easy additional revenue streams and constructing powerful brand beacons in emerging markets.

Despite Ebola Stigma and Security Woes, Nigeria Pushes Forward
Nigeria’s $10 billion fashion market is growing swiftly, despite the lingering stigma of an Ebola outbreak and a woeful security situation.

Assessing Kering’s ‘Eyewear Revolution’
Is Kering’s decision to end its licensing agreement with Safilo and bring its eyewear business in-house risky business or a sound strategic move?

Surf’s Up for Indie Brands
New wave surfwear labels such as Saturdays and Cuisse de Grenouille are rising from the rubble of the ‘big three’ surf brands.

Sung-Joo Kim on Rebuilding MCM
AMSFTV sits down with MCM’s Sung-Joo Kim to talk about wooing the Chinese customer, building the brand beyond its logo and going West.

Role Call | Agnieszka Nowak, Shopping Mall Director
Be open, curious and question your reality, advises Agnieszka Nowak, managing director of Esentai Mall in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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