JUST RECENTLY, Oso Couture debuted his newest collection Bene at the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje, in Amsterdam. With the Bene collection, Oso makes a modical connection between Syria, his background, and the Netherlands. Bene, the name of the designer’s Syrian birthplace, means quite translated fragrance. Just by looking at these exquisite pieces, you can see where the name comes from; somehow the dresses exhibit the allure of fragrance.



Oso Couture has the gift to highlight the fantasy of a woman – to a higher level from his own style and added creativity.



With the 28 looks of his latest collection – from ready to wear to evening dress – Oso takes us to the memory of his hometown. With penetrating Oriental colors next to soft pastel tones, typically Arabic luxury fabrics, combined with European silhouettes. A beautiful mix of East and West. Oso is at his best when he “plays” with sleeves and collars. Elegant pockets go into elegant parachute-shaped backs. And leading collars give the look a powerful, feminine look.





To see more of this stunning, versatile collection; go to www.osocouture.nl

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