A Golden Age Mood Board Based on Spring Altuzarra


As soon as model Aysche Tiefenbrunner slipped on this crystal-embroidered jacket from Altuzarra’s spring collection for the Cut, she took on the vibe of Lauren Bacall, whom we would have guessed inspired the look. “It was actually inspired by the film Orlando,” Joseph Altuzarra, the designer, explained to the Cut.

He’s referring to the cinematic version of Virginia Woolf’s book, a gender bending time-warp with Tilda Swinton as its main character. One scene, with Moorish architecture and Ottoman fashion, served as inspiration for this heavily spangled look. And after taking this photo above, the Cut made a mood board inspired by it: The soft waves of the model’s hair remind us of the Chrysler building’s glamour; the details of the jacket mimic the intricate carved archways of Alhambra palace in Grenada; there’s something about the ivory silk that remind us of Virginia Woolf’s portrait.

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