Alessandro Trincone’s SS18 collection

Born in Naples, Alessandro has quite an impressive background. In 2012, he got a degree in “Science of fashion and costume”. In 2013, he finishes his master degree in “Fashion design and styling”. He then graduated again from Polimoda with a “Fashion design” degree in 2015 and received a scholarship at the Osaka Bunka Fashion College in Japan.

He started his own line after graduating from Polimoda in 2015. Alessandro stated: “I grew up in a difficult society and that’s why I work always on my experience when I was younger. I try to transform the horrible things for me, into beautiful things in fashion. My fashion has no gender. I show my collections on men just because I really love to play on them with different fabrics, feminine fabrics like chiffon, silk and tulle.”



The main message Alessandro wants to communicate through his collection is for people to be themselves and that it doesn’t matter if men wear feminine clothes as long as they are themselves. He wants people to express themselves in every way they think is right and not care what other people think.



The new SS18 collection is even more extravagant and feminine than the previous ones. We can see a lot of fabric and layers which create a massive volume that we love. The outfits are exclusively white with some flower motif on some which adds a pureness to it all.



By wearing such a collection, you show the world that you aren’t afraid to be different and that you are a proud human being, and that is how we should all think. Being ordinary and focused on what other people think is just boring. So if you are ready to show the world how confident you are, I suggest you take a closer look at this fabulous collection that we definitively have a coup-de-coeur on.


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