Interview with Marcel Menzo

We have had the great opportunity to have an interview with Marcel Menzo, CEO of Visible International. When Marcel was younger, he owned his own taxi company. After that, he worked for Meet the players, which is a company for the social media branding of professional footballers. Here are the questions and answers which will give you the chance to learn about him and his new company.




1.What made you decide not to study at a higher level of education?

I always focused on creating my own business, so after my first degree I directly started one.

2. Have you, or do you still sometimes regret that decision?

No never because school was never my favorite place.

3.When did you know that fashion and clothes were your passion?

I moved to Italy when I was done with school and my passion for fashion grew from there.

4.What is your relationship with fashion?

I work with clothes everyday. However, these days I am more focused on the niche market.

5.Where is your favourite place to shop in Amsterdam?

I love to shop in the centre of town, zeedijk. My other favourite places are also the 9 streets or the east part of Amsterdam.

6.Do you have a favourite designer?

I don’t have one in particular but I really like Japanese designers as well as streetwear designers such as Bathing Ape, Comme des Garcon, Supreme, Patta and Gucci.

7.What fashion item do you think every man should own?

I think every man should have at least one pair of jeans.

8.What is your favourite fashion item?

My favourite fashion items are my Bathing Ape shirts from Tokyo.

9.How was your experience at the Bijenkorf?

At the Bijenkorf I learned how to sell fashion to the “high-end” consumer type.

10.What gave you the idea to start a taxi company?

A friend of mine had a taxi company and he made me want to have one as well. I had no idea it would be such a great success.

11.How did marketing and sales become your passion?

When you own a taxi company, you need to have marketing skills to make it work. However, before I started the company I had never heard of  marketing before, it was a new experience. After I sold my business, I wanted to know about marketing.

12.Tell us a bit about your experience with Meet the Players.

MTP is a startup which is responsible for the social media branding of professional football players. They asked me to participate in this company and help them to bring MTP to the next level. I ended up being their advisor and at the end I came up with financial plans to invest in MTP. However, the two owners were afraid that they would lose there company and I supported them in this period before starting my own company.

13.Visible International was recently launched. How is it working so far?

VI helps brands  realise their goals by deploying professional football players. We are slowly growing.

14.What is your proudest accomplishment in your career?

The thing I am most proud of is my perseverance to never give up.

15.What are your plans for the future?

I truly wish that Visible International becomes a great success.





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