After several small – scale presentations in Paris and Amsterdam, SCHUELLER DE WAAL takes the next step. On Wednesday evening September 6th the fashion duo defines their DNA in a sense stimulating fashion show, right next to their offices; the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam.
In this show, SCHUELLER DE WAAL embraces the imperfections that  belong to being a small independent label – finding all sorts of improvised solutions to measure up to the enormous presentations of big fashion houses like Chanel. By referring to – and making use of all the cliché’s belonging to these out – of – proportion and out – of – budget shows, SCHUELLER DE WAAL’s characteristic, light – hearted, tongue – in – cheek attitude towards the oversaturated fashion business reaches an all – time high.
The brand’s motto ‘Serious fashion…not so serious’ is fuelled by its need for a critical reflection on the current state of fashion where fashion and luxury have merged into one inseparable entity. Fashion’s focus on the ‘image’ will be questioned in a multi – disciplinary, non – linear and low – key fashion show. The audience is welcomed in the SCHUELLER DE WAAL shopping mall and is confronted with high, low, predictable, unexpected and innovative fashion references.
60 looks give a full immersion in the SCHUELLER DE WAAL universe. The spring – summer collection of 35 garments is presented by isolating every new piece in a single look. By taking the 60 – look – show (which is an enormous amount for an independent fashion label) as a challenging starting point – the designers added materials and garments from their direct environment. It led to a refreshing design principle: a loose, spontaneous collage – like way of working.
Next to the new collection, the show includes outfits created from dead stock of the World Fashion Centre, jumpsuits from a recent resort collection, and assembled left over materials of old collections. Additionally, half – finished garments are sent on the runway: toiles in sturdy cottons are emblazoned with crystals, and demi – couture dresses are exactly half of a meticulously executed dress. With a taste level that deliciously balances between good and bad, SCHUELLER DE WAAL creates an innovative vision on the creation and presentation of fashion.
Philipp Schueller and Rens de Waal: “With ‘COMPULSORY SHENANIGANS’ we present a loud signal, in which we approach the difficult reality of the independent designer in a positive manner. As true fashion – shenanigans (literally: cheaters, but in a cute way) we present a cut – up glamour with an overdose of humor!”
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