In Underwear Ads, Men No Longer Just Pieces of Meat


Bad news: Men’s underwear companies have figured out that many of their customers are not stirred by slow pans of Matthew Terry’s etched torso. Citing “abs fatigue,” marketers and consultants for brands like 2(x)ist, MeUndies, and Mack Weldon tell the New York Times they are opting for “less steroid-y” models, if they use models at all — models with “an identity,” who are “not just a piece of meat.” The straight male consumer wants his models older, more relatable, tattooed, and hairy-chested, and they’re giving it to them! “We are taking the focus off the crotch shots,” digital consultant Vic Drabicky told the Times. But what will it take to make Victoria’s Secret realize women hate strobe lights?

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