Frances Bean Cobain Does Not Think Highly of Twilight

1Frances Bean Cobain Does Not Think Highly of Twilight

Courtney Love told Howard Stern yesterday that her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, was offered Kristen Stewart’s Bella role in theTwilight movies at age 13. “That’s a true story,” she said. “Someone just saw a picture of her in a magazine and sent me the script.” Love says Cobain immediately rejected the script, saying, “That’s a sexist, Mormon, piece of shit.”

And that’s a suspiciously mature opinion for a 13-year-old. But if your logorrheic mom is going to quote you to Howard Stern either way (and even though you haven’t seen each other in three years), what better made-up quote could you ask for? Courtney Love: Not even close to the world’s most embarrassing mom.

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