10 Great Sunscreens That Are Not Creams

310 Great Sunscreens That Are Not Creams

Welcome to sunscreen week at the Cut, where we provide you products reviews, tips, and news you’ll need for better sun safety. But first, here’s this: Protecting your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays is the best beauty tip. Ever.

Creams are the most common SPF vehicle, of course. But within the last few years, delivery systems for sun protection have gone beyond the scope of squirting goop from a squeezable tube. We’ve now got easy-to-use spray formulas that are great for people who hate rubbing stuff in. Less commonly, there are lightweight serums and primers, which layer nicely under makeup, and zinc oxide powders to delicately dust your face. Now we’ve even got body oils that won’t help fry you out.

While the FDA is still evaluating the effectiveness of these gimmicky products, there’s no doubt they’ll work, as long as you don’t miss any spots and remember to reaaply every few hours.

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