Roberto Cavalli to Reveal All in New Memoirs

8Roberto Cavalli to Reveal All in New Memoirs

The outspoken Italian designer recently told Vogue U.K. that he’ll be releasing an autobiography (that he’s worked on for years) in October. “In a few months, you will know everything … I don’t know why I decided to do it — I guess I had something to write. It doesn’t really talk about fashion though, it talks about me and my life,” he explained in his trademark, somewhat-rambling style. Will it be as detailed as his blog? Or will it be his blog in book form? As of now, the 300-page memoir is slated for publication in Italian and German, while the designer seeks out a British publisher. We’re crossing our fingers for more designer shade, loving thoughts on his German Shepard son Lupo, and honestly, any bonkers thought that pops up into his yacht-addled brain.

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