Team Grub Sheds Light on the Lady Paleo Tribe

8Team Grub Sheds Light on the Lady Paleo Tribe

Our nutritious siblings over at Grub Street broke down the history and actual relevance of the Paleo diet, focusing on the growing “cavewoman tribe” addicted to living like “hunter-gatherers” alongside the increasing number of studies that debunk the diet. Sample affirmations of the plan include: “I know how sick I was, and I know that the Paleo diet has kept me out of the hospital and let me enjoy my son”; “You’re not hungry all the time like you are on most diets … You look at the Paleo community and no one’s stick-thin. Everyone looks happy, fit, and healthy”; and “For the first time, you no longer feel like you have to deprive yourself. I don’t have to eat low-fat, low-carb food, pound the treadmill for an hour a day, and have anxiety and depression.” But does living like cavewomen actually help our bodies scientifically? Or has it turned into a marketing tool?

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